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Talk-Throughs Here!

2010-08-26 13:56:54 by Bluezero

I have been making some talk throughs on my Youtube channel, please click and see them.

You Tube Poop

2008-08-12 12:26:38 by Bluezero

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I made this piece of crap.

It's summer time, YAY! =D

2008-06-04 18:32:44 by Bluezero

It's now summer break and I'm going to start on a flash project over this summer. Don't be afraid, it is not going to be like project war bot. I had some practice with flash and I'm ready to make something good. First flash I'll make is going to be something about The Legend of Zelda, so Zelda fans be on the watch.

There is more of me

2008-05-02 18:28:32 by Bluezero

If you like me on New Grounds I'm also located on:
and /

a long time with no updates

2008-03-07 16:21:34 by Bluezero

Well its been awhile since I updated this. I have gotten all done with my report, turned it in and gave a presentation of it. I think I did well on it and should get a good grade on it. Also I have been working on a flash in my spare time in IT and I'm thinking about submiting some cool music stuff that I did with a WAV file editor but those were of some music someone else did that I warped out. I'm also thinking about using a picture editor and windows movie maker to create some type of animated wmv movie/show and also change its format to MP4, which is the format that runs on an iPod.

I got to do this report.

2008-02-05 20:04:24 by Bluezero

Well, my IT class gave my a report I got to do on an Informational Technology (IT) related thing. I choose to do my report on Media hosting sites. I have asked Tom for an Interview, which I hope he says yes to. I also got to interview another person as well.

Edit 1: I asked Johnny for an interview and he accepted.

Updated my page, yay!

2007-12-30 16:46:15 by Bluezero

I have just added a header image. Isn't cool, oh you don't care. You people probally want a better header image because it make your eyes bleed, if you have any complaints file them here and I'll be sure not to read them you losers! As always I want to know if anyone reads this crap, if you do read this make a comment please because I'm starting to feel like a skitzo when I write these.

Happy holidays

2007-12-25 10:18:51 by Bluezero

happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.....3 hours later- happy holidays!


2007-11-12 19:32:45 by Bluezero

Strange, I was blocked for a week or two. I guess NewGrounds hates me that much to do something like that. Well, if it happeneds again I'll just have to re-release my Project Warbot series on you then laugh at you as you stab your eyes out from watching it. Muwhahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahaha!

My question.

2007-10-11 19:47:09 by Bluezero

Today I have a question for you. Does anyone read my post. Please tell me if you do.

I've been working with flash again. Don't worry, I won't make more of my project war bot series. I'm sorry for making those anyway (even though they where funny to me but not to you guys), when I made those I wasn't even using Macromedia I was using something call Sothink Ganda or something like that. I think that was the problem! Soon I'll finish a flash cartoon of megaman x and halo together. I hope you like it.